Sunanda, Oxfordshire

Dr Pavord will be glad to know that since my infusion, I feel much better and I am whizzing through my work.


Naomi, Oxford

Thank you Sasha, really appreciated and please thank Dr Pavord for me she was fantastic. 


James, Oxfordshire

I want to say how impressed I was with the service I received from you both. I really appreciate you both going out of your way to process everything so quickly, and for being so supportive with helping me get back to work ASAP.


Sally, Oxford

It has been a rather long and rocky road to get to this point, and so it is my good fortune to have stumbled across you and your eminent services!

Somewhat miraculously, I already do not seem to feel cold - an unpleasant sensation which I have had to endure for some considerable time. I am also feeling more alert

and chirpier!


Meg, Oxford

Dear Sasha,  Could you please pass on my thanks to Dr Pavord for giving me the infusion.

It took just over a week to kick in, but when it did I suddenly noticed a lack of fatigue and much clearer head.

I feel normal again, which has been absent for a very long time, and able to start exercising again and generally just enjoying life a whole lot more. I am very grateful to

both you and Dr Pavord for helping me feel well and healthy.


Patricia, Oxford

Dear Dr Pavord,  Thank you so much for organising my iron infusion so promptly. I just cannot believe the difference it has made in 30 hours. It is remarkable!

My energy levels are now 4/5 and I was doing housework at 1 am last night and I havent had the energy for that for 8 weeks.

I can now go up the stairs with out thinking about it, whereas before I was planning on how not to go up there as my muscles felt so weak and it was exhausting.

I was hoping it was going to have some effect within a couple of weeks but wasn't quite expecting to have such a quick response.

Thanks again, it has made such a difference to me and my family and my quality of life.


Anita, Cardiff

I would like say a massive thank you to Sasha and yourself Dr Pavord for helping me. I've been able to do more even after a period 2 weeks ago. I prayed someone would

help me and you did. I felt so ill all the time. It is great to feel better.